A message from the Superintendent

Our October Newsletter was just about to be emailed when I got a call in the middle of the
night that wildfires were racing through parts of Santa Rosa. Since that night, we have all
been on a journey that has been at times shocking, sad, challenging, and inspiring. Thank
you for turning to our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for updates. Social
media, in particular, makes it easy to get information to you quickly.
In my many letters to you during our school closures and reopening, I have shared what I
believe: the impact of the fires on our school community will be felt for months and years,
but I am confident that we will get through it, together. Please let your school staff know how
your family is doing. We can provide resources and referrals. #SRCStogether

Diann Kitamura

The newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here.