Below are the graduation requirements for the current sophomore, junior and senior classes.  New Graduation requirements have been adopted for the class of 2022, the current freshman class.  We do not have clear information on the requirements yet and will provide them as soon as we do. 



The Board of Education believes that the completion of an organized and sequential course of study is the foundation that prepares students for post-secondary education and/or employment. In grades 9-12, 220 credits are required for graduation. Students who successfully complete a year-long course will receive 10 credits (5 credits for each semester) provided attendance requirements are met. In addition to the required core and pathway courses, students will complete other elective courses to reach the required 220 credits.

Details of the district’s graduation requirements are found in Board Policy 6146.1 or information may be obtained from a high school counselor.

Santa Rosa City Schools requires all students to meet two requirements to attain a high school diploma.  If a student does not meet ALL of the requirements, the student will not receive a diploma, nor attend the graduation ceremony.   

  • Each Student must earn a total of  220   (Each Class that is completed per semester =5 credits)
  • Each Student must earn a specific number of credits in specific core areas.


English (Eng. 1, Eng. 2, Eng. 3, Eng. 4) 40 Credits
Social Science  (World His., US His. Gov./Econ.) 30 Credits
Mathematics (sequence=Pre Alg., Alg. 1 Geo., Alg.2, Trig/Precalc., Calc) 20 Credits, including Algebra 1
Physical Education (PE 1, PE 2 or Dance1, or Team Sports)*** 20 Credits
Science (Earth Science, Biology) 20 Credits
World Language 10 Credits
Visual & Performing Arts 10 Credits
Health/Life Skills * 5 Credits
Electives ** 65 Credits


*The Life Skills requirement may be waived.  Get waiver form from the Counseling Office. 

** Electives are considered everything other class outside the above specific requirements.

***Team Sports Credit can only be earned grades 10-12 and after 10 credits has been earned.

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