Student Password Lookup Help

Please click on the link, It will open a new window on your screen (mine opens in explorer).

You will see a screen like this:




Then, select the Student Account Lookup tab (last tab on the right).  This way you can look up 10 students at a time using their ID #s.
(You also need to enter your school login and password)



Enter their ID #s, wait a few seconds, and a new box will pop up with info filled in. It looks like this:



You will get the beginning of their login (ie: Joelle_B1234) and then also a number following, which was their original default password (ie: #jb44356). The first info is the beginning of their gmail login, but needs the end part added. So in the example above, you would add (ie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


All students last year received a sheet of paper from the district explaining the google accounts and their individual login and passwords. These were handed out in English classes. Some teachers had students log on immediately, others assigned it for students to do on their own time. Regardless, many students failed to take note of this info and now “can’t remember”. L If they did sign in, they changed their password. If they cannot remember what they changed it to, each of those accounts needs to be reset. You can do this from the same place as above. Just click on the 2nd to last tab, “Student Password Reset”.


The screen will look like this:


When you reset the account, it will return to the default password.