The single greatest cause for failing classes is poor attendance. If a student is to receive maximum value from the high school years, 100 percent attendance is a necessity. To ensure more time in the classroom, students and parents should take the responsibility for following this procedure:

  1. The parent should call the attendance office, 707-890-3850 the same day the student is absent. Please note that this is a 24 hour number so please call as soon as you know your student will be absent.
  2. Unless the parent/guardian knows ahead of time exactly how many days the student is going to be absent, the parent should call in each day of absence.
  3. If it is impossible for the parent to call the school, the student must bring in a note from the parent the first day he/she returns to school.
  4. Students who leave campus during the school day must check out with the attendance office. If a student fails to check out before leaving, their absence cannot be cleared.

Checking Attendance


You can check your students attendance and grades through the parent portal of IlluminateEd. 


Attendance Technician

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