Parent Support Resources


Success in Life doesn’t happen without attaining the life skills of planning, organizing, goal setting, problem solving, and learning how to become a self advocate.  If you and your family would like to plan, academics for the four years, please use the below link to do so.   This link is called the four year plan sheet and this sheet is used by the student's counselor to track progress toward graduation and post secondary goals.  


4 Year Plan

The development of the skills necessary to be successful as an adult actually began in elementary school and continue to build through middle school and finally high school.  By the senior year, these skills should become well honed and the student should feel confident as they move into the adult world.    If your student seems to be struggling to find the success they desire, please look at the below resources for assistance. 



Many parents struggle with how to “parent” an unmotivated child.  The struggle places a lot of stress on the parent/ child relationship and creates a negative experience for both people.


The teenage years are often difficult to navigate as a parent as well as the teen.  Sometimes family counseling is needed to help both parent and student better communicate and compromise in their relationship.  Great Parenting tips and strategies are taught through Child Parent Institute (CPI)  (707) 585-6108 . There is no shame in asking for help ASAP.