SRHS Course Selection


Choosing appropriate core course level . . . 

Consider the whole 6 period day and the impact the amount of homework will have on extra-curricular activities and student wellness.  Each student and their family will want to strive for a healthy life balance.  If a parent or guardian notices their student is up late regularly and seems tired and unhappy, please contact the student’s School Counselor.   A solution may be to change a level of one or more classes.   If you feel that your student is in a class that is too academically rigorous for your student's success, please initiate a conversation with the teacher of the course regarding considering a level change in and request the teacher's feedback.  Below is a link to the level change form.

New Graduation Requirements for Class of 2022

In April 2018, the Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education approved new graduation requirements that align with the A-G requirements, beginning with the Class of 2022 (students who enter 9th grade in Fall 2018). The requirements include students taking a third year of math and a second year of language other than English.