The Board of Education believes that the completion of an organized and sequential course of study is the foundation that prepares students for post-secondary education, careers, and/or employment. Students who successfully complete a year-long course will receive 10 credits (5 credits for each semester) provided attendance requirements are met.

If a student does not meet ALL of the graduation requirements, the student will not receive a diploma and will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Each student must earn a total of 220 credits to meet graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2022

Subject  Credits
English  40 Credits
Social Science  (World History, US History, Govt/Econ) 30 Credits
Mathematics  30 Credits, including Algebra 1
Physical Education*** 20 Credits
Science (Earth Science, Living Earth) 20 Credits
World Language 20 Credits
Visual & Performing Arts 10 Credits
Electives ** 50 Credits

** Electives are classes that are not the core classes listed above.

***Team Sports Credit can be earned in grades 10-12 and after 10 credits has been earned.