Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is sometimes needed for the college application process or for attaining a scholarship or award.  Neither the UC system nor CSU system require or accept letters of recommendation. 

If you need a letter of recommendation, below are the steps you should follow.  

IMPORTANT TIME LINE:  Give at LEAST 15 business days (holidays and weekends don't count) for a professional to write a letter of recommendation.  Both Counselors and Teachers can deny writing a letter if the above time line is not followed.  Plan accordingly.  

If you need your counselor to write a letter of recommendation you must first see them in person.

Counselor Letter of Recommendation:  Counselors are required to be an active participant in the Common Application process.  Not only do they submit transcripts and student data, most times they are also required to submit a letter of recommendation for the applicant.  Prior to submitting the counselor's name and email address on the application, students are required to meet, in person, with their counselor and discuss the request.  Counselors use a specific resume for their students that can only be attained in person.  Speaking to your counselor should be the first item of business if you plan to apply to schools through the Common app or if filling out another college application that requires a letter of recommendation from your counselor.  

Teacher Letter of Recommendation:  If you are required to submit letters of recommendation from teachers, please speak to the teachers prior to inviting them on your application.  Teachers are not required to write letters of recommendation.  It is a privilege if a teacher decides to write a letter of recommendation for you.   Many teachers have their own process and resume which they would like you to fill out to assist them in writing your letter.  Below is a link to a form that you can use to provide additional information about yourself to teachers.

A MUST!!!!  Write a thank you note to anyone who takes the time and puts in the effort to write you a letter of recommendation.  Do not take these people for granted in your college application process, your admission to your dream college may depend on them.  Treat them accordingly.