Non-Grad Options


Unfortunately, sometimes graduation from SRHS  doesn't always happen for our students.  This does not mean that the student will never earn a diploma, it just means we have to take a different path to the end goal of that diploma.


If a student is not able to complete all the requirements by June of their fourth year of high school, the counselor and family will meet to discuss other options which may include (if less than 30 credits is needed) summer school, SRJC courses, or online courses.  The plan may also include taking a test to earn a high school diploma.


Testing Option

General Education Diploma (GED): 

The GED is a test, if passed, is equivalent to a high school diploma anywhere in the United States.  Students must be 18 to enroll for the test which is given regularly at SRJC at Plover Hall.  SRJC also has test practice classes to prepare for the exam.  To enroll in these classes, students can not be concurrently enrolled in a high school.  Once a student passes the GED, they no longer need to attend high school.  Proof of passing the test must be brought into the counseling office in order to drop a student from high school.  Parent permission is not necessary as the student is an adult.  For more information on the GED and enrolling in the SRJC practice course, please visit the links below.

GED Testing Services

SRJC:  GED testing and Prep Classes- 707-527-4305

  • 18 or older offered in English and Spanish
  • Student must not be enrolled in a high school
  • Student can enroll in self paced prep classes for no credit at the JC
  • Students have to enroll in CCC (and get ID#) to access the classes
  • Tests are offered regularly, sign up with the testing center
  • Free Practice tests are available on the testing site.



Alternative Diploma Option


Ridgway High School- SRCS:  890-3770


High School Diploma
  • Student must be 16 and meet minimum credit requirements per grade level
  • A voluntary Program
  • Must be enrolled in a SRCS comprehensive site to apply
  • Application goes through the comprehensive site’s school counselor.
  • Diploma is 180 credits (2 years math and Modern Language Waiver)


Youth Connections/John Muir Academy- John Shaw  (707) 578-2034


High School Diploma:  ages 17-26 
  • Max of 30 students
  • Use Odysseyware and Khan Academy for online providers
  • WASC Accredited (John Muir Charter School)
  • Referral process:  Call and schedule a meeting with a copy of IEP and transcript.
  • Grad Requirements 210- 30 english, no fl.
  • Students can test out of classes with competency and gain those credits
  • 3 teachers in school
  • ½ day is group instruction and ½ is credit recovery.


CCNB/Conservation Corp North Bay-  Rohnert Park  (707) 303-3069


High School Diploma as well as GED prep/work (18-26 yo)
  • Work two days a week (community Project) and school time
  • Same Graduation requirements as John Muir Academy
  • GED prep in english and spanish
  • Students can test out of classes with competency (and be granted credits)
  • Career Pathways program (friday)
  • Certifications- fork lift, CPR 


Petaluma Adult Ed.-  Aimee Jasa 415-680-5611


High School Diploma as well as GED prep- must be 18 or older
  • High School Diploma
  • High School Equivalency  (HiSET/GED test preparation) in English or Spanish
  • Students must be18 years or older
  • We honor the 130 path for students who qualify- however, it only lowers electives as everything else is already at state min.
  • Must attend an in person orientation
  • PAS may not be an offer of FAPE
  • Students need to be self driven
  • HSD classes can be done using Odysseyware or out of Textbooks (packets) 
  • Students have to be able to access the coursework in English for the diploma pathway
  • No due dates - work at own pace
  • Weekly attendance is not required, but strongly recommended
  • Classes are run like a lab
  • Transition support to SRJC and JobLink
  • Classes are free
  • Blended class option- online course work and evening in person class support:    
PAS Diploma Requirements
English 30 US History 10
Algebra 10 Government 5
Other Math 10 Economics 5
Life Science 10 VP Art/FL/CTE 10
Physical Science 10 Career Exploration 5
World History 10 Electives 65


During orientation students take an English and Math assessment. This is my first glimpse at how close they are to being ready for the GED/HiSET in those areas. 

If the student does okay on the assessments and need about 50 or more core classes credits I tend to recommend tests prep.


Discovery Challenge Academy:  1-844-633-3301


  • 15/12-18 year olds
  • 22 week free residential program for mass credit recovery (65 credits)
  • Located in Lanthrop Ca.
  • 1 year of mentoring after completion of the program
  • Does prep for GED or CHSPE if that is a goal
  • “Cadets” receive job and life skills
  • Students must want to attend and succeed in making a change.


Hanna Boys Center: 707-933-2560


  • Grades 9-12
  • Residential program for boys,  designed for those with behaviour issues
  • Students must volunteer for the program
  • Catholic based-offers spirituality/prayer daily
  • Program follows trauma based systems
  • Grad requirements-Minimum CA requirements, 130 credits
  • Tuition is minimal to free
  • Located in Sonoma, CA


Charter Schools/Online

There are many charter schools in the area (free/no tuition) and some are exclusively online.  For more information about charter schools that may fit your student’s needs, please do an internet search with the words:  Charter school, sonoma county, alternative.  Some high school online charter schools are below: