Panther Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


The Santa Rosa High School Community expects its student to become:

  • Self-directed Learners who
  • assess their own needs
  • set goals and priorities
  • follow through with appropriate action

Effective Communicators who have well-developed

  • listening skills,
  • verbal skills, including reading, writing and speaking 
  • non-verbal skills, including visual, spatial, kinesthetic, and intrapersonal

Community Members who

  • demonstrate positive and productive citizenship
  • accept responsibility for personal behavior
  • contribute to the aesthetic and intellectual environment

Critical Thinkers who

  • demonstrate the practical application of knowledge
  • apply complex problem solving processes
  • exhibit a high tolerance of ambiguity and respect for diversity
  • are reflective and open to critique

Creative Problem Solvers who

  • are process oriented
  • take risks in their work and thinking
  • are active, motivated and focused
  • produce work which reflects originality, imagination, and high quality


Panther Principles


Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Accepting